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Why nigel is working on traffic predictions

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It’s very difficult for Nigel Broomhall to predict just how bad Auckland’s traffic congestion will be. On a good day his commute to Parnell takes just over an hour, on a bad day it can take two hours or more. Nigel lives with his wife and two young children on a lifestyle block south of Auckland near the Bombay Hills.

 Nigel has just joined Mindfull’s Predictive Analytics team after 23 years of business experience, spanning finance, energy and IT. He has worked at IBM, Meridian Energy, and The National Bank. He’s passionate about business performance and the use of data to create actionable insights.  As a born and bred South Islander, Nigel listens more than he talks, and when he does it’s in simple terms, stripped back to a business perspective, with minimal jargon.

 “Working with clients to provide decision making clarity is what excites me about working for Mindfull, ” explains Nigel, “because this is what we do.”

 “Decision paralysis is a real risk to businesses today” he continues. “I see many examples where the business enters a cycle of asking for more data to make decisions. This is usually never adequately fulfilled, therefore some critical strategic decisions are never made. And because the world is becoming more complex every day the task just keeps getting harder. Predicting the future by combining the results of the past, the actions of the present, and a learning process through time, can significantly enhance real-time decision making speed and accuracy.”

For now Nigel is working on predicting traffic congestion and working out how to avoid it. When he gets back on his property he can unwind by looking after the sheep or by riding his motorbike. If the traffic is really bad he can work out his frustration with a game of tennis, or some good old fashioned pest eradication.

Topics: Predictive Analytics, Business intelligence, analytics

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