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Data Warehousing - The Secret to the Success of the World’s Biggest Companies

WhereScape, Data Warehousing | [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

Think of the world’s most successful companies and there are the obvious similarities between them – a world-wide-known brand identity and trusted products and services – but one lesser-known trait that’s integral to their success is data warehousing.

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Data: Are we going back to the future?

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If like me you follow Data Warehousing and Big Data developments you will have noticed some interesting research and commentary around the Hadoop and Big Data ecosystems of late. A couple of recent articles on Hadoop adoption by Gartner and Data Silos continue the trend. It seems that adoption has been much slower than anticipated by the industry, the key reasons being a shortage of skilled resource, the risk of creating yet more siloed data and crossing the chasm from science project to enterprise solution. Sound familiar?

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Mindfull-WhereScape alliance delivers Big Data breakthrough

Predictive Analytics, Deloitte Partnership, WhereScape, Data Warehousing, Business intelligence | [fa icon="comment"] 1 Comment

The potential for better business performance by connecting Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics has encouraged two technology companies to form a new strategic alliance for the New Zealand market.

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