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Using predictive analytics to get resources to where they’re needed most

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In New Zealand we know all about weather and how much it can impact our lives and livelihoods. This week's flooding in Wellington and tornado in Mt Maunganui created havoc for motorists, homeowners and businesses. In the US, 7 out of 10 power outages are caused by weather.



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Teaching educational institutions new tricks

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If you thought predictive analytics is only used by banks, telcos and insurance companies - think again.

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Cortell becomes Mindfull...

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The IT industry loves nothing more than bamboozling us all with their widget and gidget words. The more we don’t know what they’re on about, the happier they are and the more power they wield. We’re Mindfull, that most people don’t know or want to know what SMAC stands for or what cache cramming is.



At Mindfull we don’t use words that don’t make sense but we do make sure that everything you hear is simple, relevant and fitting to your business.

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