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Nonneiy's Notes: What is your definition of ROI?

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So today I got to engage in a great discussion around ROI and some TCO with a smidgen of IIR and a dash of cost reduction.... Sound familiar?

Well moving past all the acronyms one aspect this discussion really resonated with me - We need to look and keep re-looking at all aspect's of our business, we need to make sure we capture the actions or elements of things that really work well or show great promise and make careful note of those that don't.

We need to revisit these successes and tease out all the points of difference and replicate, record and review "RRRR".

You may ask what is this woman on about - and with good cause.

Our world is changing at such a rapid pace and I know that it is a challenge simply to keep up - however in this haste many of us face the serious risk of loosing the connection to these nuggets of gold in our business.

So today - using a good old fashion rugby saying - Touch....Pause.... and Engage

> With your business!

> With your teams!

> With the successes and failures of past!

Create some magic,



***Nonneiy is our very own Strategic Director. Get her into a room to discuss business problems and watch the magic happen, the dots connect and the bigger picture become clear. 


Topics: Business intelligence, ROI, Business Outcomes

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