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TM1 could stop working - due to expiring SSL Certificates

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The SSL Certificates that are shipped with TM1 are going to expire on the 24th November 2016 - which means, if no actions are taken prior to this time, TM1 will stop working - completely. 


The good news is that we here at Mindfull have been actively working with IBM to ensure that we have the right solution based on your versions of TM1 and Cognos. 

There is no reason to panic, but we do advise that you get in touch with us to ensure that your business will not be affected by getting on to an solution or upgrade soon. 

Please email us at support@mindfull.co.nz for assessment and advice on how to resolve this issue. 

If you know the following, please include this in your email: 

- What version of TM1 are you using?

- Do you use Cognos BI? 

- Do you use the TM1 Operations Console? 


Meanwhile, we will be working hard here at Mindfull on available solutions and communcating these to our clients and also updating our blog.  






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