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How a small request snowballed into a forklift, 17 pallets and overwhelming generosity

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You know that moment when you appreciate just how great your clients are?


First, let's get some context. Recently Fiji was devastated by Hurricane Winston - over quarter of a billion USD in damages.



 “One hundred and 34 schools have been destroyed, severely damaged or are being used as evacuation centres.” - Unicef


Now at Mindfull, we work with some very cool companies. So when Fiji Airways (who are doing already donating F$1 Million toward a relief fund), turned to us and said - if you have donations, we’ll deliver them for you – we raised the banners and called upon our clients to chip in.


 “We expected a few office supplies – what we got, was overwhelming.”



When we asked Office Max, we thought they might have something up their sleeves. Instead they put the word out to their entire company, and everyone pitched in to create 2 FULL truck loads of stationery and useful items!




When we asked ASB, they didn’t just give us what they had. Instead they ran a company wide bake sale, and put the money straight back into stationery and goods. When Warehouse Stationery found out it was for Fiji, they offered a 50% discount on everything, so we ended up with twice as much!


Just to name a few others, we also had donations from the Financial Markets Authority, TBWA, Southern Cross, BNW Accountants (and many more!) To everyone who got involved and anyone we missed, thank you!


In fact, you donated so much, we couldn’t fit everything on a plane. Now we had logistics challenges. Where do we store it all and how do we transport it? We called forklifts, transport, shipping, freight companies, even the Navy…


As it turns out, we were introduced to Geoff Amos. He not only used to own the building our office is in; he is now head of the Fiji Rotary Club. When he found out what we were doing, we filled 2 crates and he arranged shipment via Jenners Worldwide Freight to Fiji free of charge.


We have so much love for our clients, and those that made this work – thanks to your generosity - we were all able to help in one small, but meaningful way.

All in a days work

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