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Data Warehousing - The Secret to the Success of the World’s Biggest Companies

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Think of the world’s most successful companies and there are the obvious similarities between them – a world-wide-known brand identity and trusted products and services – but one lesser-known trait that’s integral to their success is data warehousing.

It goes without saying that corporations with a global reach gather an almost-insurmountable quantity of data on all parts of their operations, but being able to really harness the value of this data is where the big boys stand head and shoulders above the rest. This is where data warehousing plays a huge role. It effectively brings all the data needed for analysis, reporting and business intelligence to a central location and permanent storage space. This enables businesses to effortlessly call upon historical data, enhance their data quality and consistency, save time by allowing easy and quick access and boost business intelligence.


Here’s how three of the world’s most successful companies are using data warehousing.



As the creator of, arguably, some of the most ubiquitous products in existence it’s unsurprising that the tech giant uses its data warehouse to get a better understanding of its customers across its array of offerings. Interactions on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and whatever other Apple product you’re on are collected and used by the company to improve their services. Of course, this has raised questions over privacy and the extent to which our actions are tracked but the payoff is quicker and more precise services and increased usability, making for better products and the continuation of the Apple innovation legacy.



 Although a truly global brand now, Coca-Cola was once a starkly patriotic US-born-and-bred beverage powerhouse, much to the detriment of its business data. Before incorporating a data warehouse, nearly all of the 129-year-old brand’s important facts and figures were locked away at its Atlanta, Georgia headquarters. This meant tracking down and extracting data involved a painful search through the vast data silos of multiple systems, which could end up taking up to a month. Now, Coke’s enterprise data warehouse has made information available company-wide through a customised web-based front end. Decision makers across the world are able to obtain data at any time for their respective local market areas and evaluate it on a global, regional and local basis.


Daimler AG

 As the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, as well as a whole host of other automotive brands, Daimler AG is renowned for producing high-performance, high-quality vehicles. With such a vast fleet of brands and products, data warehousing was an obvious step for the German company to take and it’s their ability now to focus in on particular aspects of the business which is helping the corporation overall. To improve its failure management and after-sales services, Daimler consolidated diagnostic and quality data from its diverse vehicle configurations, models and variations. From here, engineers were able to narrow down the vehicles affected by a higher risk of defects with such accuracy that the costs of a vehicle recall were decreased significantly.


While the use of data warehouses in these mega-corporations showcases their effectiveness, it’s important to know you don’t need to be a large corporation to employ one for your data needs. These examples reveal how big businesses are working smarter and this approach can just as easily be applied to small enterprises for impressive results.


To find out more about how you can bring your company into the realm of Apple, Coca-Cola and Daimler and get smarter with your data, download Mindfull’s guide to building data warehouses. 

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