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Breakfast gives Excel lovers a boost

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“The Finance team are really going to love this” exclaims Mindfull BI and Analytics Lead Eric Steingrabe explaining the new Profitability Analysis plugin for Excel.

 The plugin is one of the significant new TM1 features that IBM has introduced in Planning and Analytics 2.0. The plugin replaces most of the functionality in the older Perspectives application with a tool that finance people will love.  The changes mean that users can analyse data using all the familiar features of Excel but with the extended power of a high-end analytics tool. And it does it all with the speed and graphical power you’d expect from the latest software.

 The Excel plugin was just one of the new features in the latest versions of TM1 (now called Planning and Analytics). The launch attracted full houses for breakfast briefings at Mindfull in Auckland and Wellington. Gideon van Schalkwyk from IBM showed attendees a stack of new features that brought smiles to their faces (and the odd incredulous look). These features include:

  • Self-service workspace that looks and acts very much like a desktop application but brings very powerful analysis tools in a web browser
  • Hierarchy structure that makes it very easy to handle cubes with lots of dimensions. These turn attributes into virtual dimensions for speedy on-the-fly analysis
  • Analytics that use IBM Watson technology to automatically produce insights from your data and interact with it using natural language queries
  • Significant Performance increases

To find out about upgrading your planning and analytics environment please contact the Mindfull team. Your finance team will love you for it.




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