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It takes a Grandmaster to find the best move in a game of chess - that is, unless you're a chess bot. 

With artificial intelligence, a chess bot evaluates millions of possible moves, every second.

You may be thinking, "sure, if I could process millions of options per second…" 

then you could compete as a Grandmaster in your financial planning and resource allocation too. You're probably aware that software can do much of that for you. But here's where it gets tricky - the chess bot has a secret, an unfair advantage over you which is far more difficult to replicate:

"It has all the info it needs, already."

If you're a financial analyst or controller, you don't always get all the data you need, right when you need it. Much of your work is done with a blindfold on, and your hands tied behind your back. Maybe you are a Finance Grandmaster. But more likely, you can't see where all the pieces are, all the time.

Not so long ago, chess Grandmasters stopped being able to beat the chess bot. Shortly after, a group of amateur chess players, teamed up with an AI chess bot. Then something unusual happened…

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Topics: MiBI, Chess bots, financial planning, analysts

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