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How are you maximising the value of your data?

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Technology has completely changed the competitive landscape – forcing companies to continuously adapt, innovate and improve in order to survive.

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Why are NZ businesses increasingly mindful of data risk and sovereignty?

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Why are NZ businesses increasingly mindful of data risk and sovereignty? And what does that actually mean?

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EDC Use Case: A missed Opportunity and A Significant Risk

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A Missed Opportunity and A Significant Risk


In this increasingly data-driven world, companies that are able to turn their data assets into results, revenue and growth are the ones getting ahead.


However, most companies have no idea what data they have and where it is.


A recent study of US IT and IT security professionals found that 62% of respondents are most concerned by not knowing where their organisations’ confidential or sensitive data is located.


And, even if they do know where it is, it’s unlikely they know its quality and whether it’s suitable for analysis.


This is not just a missed opportunity to discover valuable insights, but also a significant risk to their business.


Without visibility of their data and where it is located, they have no idea about their data’s sovereignty, security, or who has access to it. Making data governance extremely difficult.


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Missed out on our Planning Analytics Webinar?

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Don't fret - we recorded it for you!

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Find out how National Instruments revolutionised analytics by building a cloud data lake

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This blog post originally appeared on Informatica’s blog on the 28th of August, 2018. It has been revised.

National Instruments is a global leader in test, measurement and control systems. With more than 35,000 customers worldwide, National Instruments empower scientists and engineers in diverse industries such as Electronics, Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Automotive, Wireless, Heavy Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Academic and Research, Semiconductor and RF/Mobile, generating a considerable amount of data.

Each of these industries have unique needs, which National Instruments serves in individualised ways. The National Instruments IT team is charged with future proofing the business’ IT infrastructure and providing guidance to the individual business units. They’ve also developed a robust data management strategy across the enterprise.

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Nonneiy's Notes: What is your definition of ROI?

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So today I got to engage in a great discussion around ROI and some TCO with a smidgen of IIR and a dash of cost reduction.... Sound familiar?

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mindfull is moving on up!

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Why nigel is working on traffic predictions

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It’s very difficult for Nigel Broomhall to predict just how bad Auckland’s traffic congestion will be. On a good day his commute to Parnell takes just over an hour, on a bad day it can take two hours or more. Nigel lives with his wife and two young children on a lifestyle block south of Auckland near the Bombay Hills.

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Breakfast gives Excel lovers a boost

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“The Finance team are really going to love this” exclaims Mindfull BI and Analytics Lead Eric Steingrabe explaining the new Profitability Analysis plugin for Excel.

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from tm1 to planning analytics 2.0

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Yep, that's right, the default upgrade path for both Enterprise and Express TM1 customers is not TM1 10.3 or even TM1 11. Instead, it is PLANNING ANALYTICS LOCAL 2.0. It is called version 2.0 because it has already been tried and tested in the cloud. 

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