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Mindfull Training Courses for May & June

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TM1 & Planning Analytics are fantastic tools, which can make your job that much easier.

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Mindfull Webinar: Why your business data is more important (and valuable) than ever before

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Date: Wednesday, 22nd  April 2020 

Time: 11 am – 12 pm NZT 

Duration: 60 minutes 


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Mindfull Webinar: Automate Your TM1/Planning & Analytics Documentation

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Date: Thursday, 9th April 2020 

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WEBINAR: Cloud based planning solution

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Registration link here

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How technology changes workplace culture

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Often when companies attempt to use new technology in their business, they don’t consider how it will change the culture of their workplace.

The very reason technology solutions, such as financial planning software, are implemented in an organisation is to solve a particular problem or series of problems with the current way of doing things.

Naturally, this means the new technology will affect the current processes in the business.

And, to make the implementation effective, staff will have to embrace these new processes.

For financial planning solutions, this culture change must be led by the CFO and incorporates important areas like processing and valuing data, gatekeeping, and building transparency.

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Where do I start with my data?

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When it comes to data organisation, most companies struggle.

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What’s the Risk of Not Having Agility and Accuracy in Your Financial Planning?

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In current market conditions flexibility is a must.

Unfortunately, many organisations are stuck using traditional methods for their financial planning.

This includes using spreadsheets and creating a once a year static plan, which is poorly communicated throughout the company.

Planning in such a way has significant risks. 

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Spreadsheets Still a Part of Your Financial Planning?

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A common business tool, spreadsheets are still heavily used in organisations for financial planning.

Unfortunately, their use comes with significant risk.

As Belinda Johnson, CEO of Mindfull, found in a previous role as the CFO for a large property development firm, not summing a column right to the bottom led to a million-dollar mistake.

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How are you maximising the value of your data?

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Technology has completely changed the competitive landscape – forcing companies to continuously adapt, innovate and improve in order to survive.

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