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Why nigel is working on traffic predictions

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It’s very difficult for Nigel Broomhall to predict just how bad Auckland’s traffic congestion will be. On a good day his commute to Parnell takes just over an hour, on a bad day it can take two hours or more. Nigel lives with his wife and two young children on a lifestyle block south of Auckland near the Bombay Hills.

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Breakfast gives Excel lovers a boost

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“The Finance team are really going to love this” exclaims Mindfull BI and Analytics Lead Eric Steingrabe explaining the new Profitability Analysis plugin for Excel.

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from tm1 to planning analytics 2.0

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Yep, that's right, the default upgrade path for both Enterprise and Express TM1 customers is not TM1 10.3 or even TM1 11. Instead, it is PLANNING ANALYTICS LOCAL 2.0. It is called version 2.0 because it has already been tried and tested in the cloud. 

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TM1 could stop working - due to expiring SSL Certificates

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The SSL Certificates that are shipped with TM1 are going to expire on the 24th November 2016 - which means, if no actions are taken prior to this time, TM1 will stop working - completely. 

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why you should never miss a Mindfull user group

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 Imagine being in a room full of people with the same burning questions, the same hunger for TM1 Cognos, the same frustrations and real stories to share.

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Mindfull release QUBEdocs Now at IBM Vision 2016

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How a small request snowballed into a forklift, 17 pallets and overwhelming generosity

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You know that moment when you appreciate just how great your clients are?

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Sharing your private data could help make you happier at work

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If you have your data privacy breached, you might feel violated. Aside from that, what does it actually do?

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How Do You Know if You're Cut Out To be a data scientist?

Predictive Analytics, data scientist, analytics, data science, machine learning | [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

Just think, 50 years ago, the personal computer had only just been invented. Unless you were NASA or the US military, then you probably didn’t have one.



Now fast forward to today. Almost everyone has one, or three. If you include the computer in your car, the smart devices at home, any wearables, then you’re creating a lot of data, all the time. So what does this all mean for you?

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MiBI, Chess bots, financial planning, analysts | [fa icon="comment"] 0 Comments

It takes a Grandmaster to find the best move in a game of chess - that is, unless you're a chess bot. 

With artificial intelligence, a chess bot evaluates millions of possible moves, every second.

You may be thinking, "sure, if I could process millions of options per second…" 

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